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Apr 23rd, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 1:50 pm

God was serious about His judgment of Israel. So much so, He expounded on it for four more chapters in Amos.

Hear the common causal relationships and understand with the Israelites when God speaks, He will certainly cause what He says to happen.

Do we believe and act upon what God tells us to do? We should heed this lesson God and Amos taught Israel.

Read long with listening by using the written Bible study from this website.

Apr 15th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 11:31 am

Why would God judge His chosen people, Israel? He loves them so why destroy them?

The Israelites sin against God was greater than that of the pagan nations. Why would that be? Why does it appear God would not save them from their enemies?

Are there times when you feel God has left you, that He is not helping make things better?

Listen to this podcast or read the written Bible study and learn answers to these questions and understand God's judgment of Israel.

The written Bible study is at this web address.


Mar 24th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 11:00 am

Amos continued prophesying until he reached Israel in his net of prophecies. He prophesied against the nation of Judah with God's charge and judgment against them. Judah was the closest in proximity and blood line than any of the previous nations. By now, Israel's interest should have been piqued and their consciences pricked.

Would Israel pay attention to God's charges and judgment of Judah?

Would they return to God before it was too late?

Are we supposed to pay attention to this prophecy spoke about 2800 years ago? Is it important for us now?

Join me and others as we continue our study of the book of Amos in the Old Testament.

Read all the Bible studies in this series and others as well as devotionals at Thoughts from Another Home written Bible Studies

Mar 17th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 11:05 am

As we continue our study of the book of Amos from the Old Testament, we must move on to his sixth prophecy. This prophecy told of GOd's charge and judgment of Moab, a people descended from Lot.

When considering God's charge and judgment of Lot, we must reflect upon our own lives and see if we are like they were. They disrespected and denigrated people repeatedly throughout their history as a nation.

As you listen to this podcast, questions will be asked at the end of each section to help you examine your life and see if you might have done things similar to Moab. This will allow you to do what God wanted Israel, the hearers of these prophecies to do - repent and return to a right relationship with Him.

Join me and many others as we continue our study of the book of Amos. You can find the written copy of this Bible study and over 300 more at my web site.

Thoughts From Another Home (written Bible studies and devotionals)

Be blessed.

Mar 10th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 3:45 pm

Amos pronounced a prophecy from God in Israel's hearing about Ammon.

What did Ammon do? Why did God judge them?

What is so important that Israel must hear the prophecy? Is this still important today?

Join me and many others to learn from this prophecy.

You can find this Bible study in written form on my web site.

Thoughts from Another Home (written Bible studies and devotionals)

Be Blessed.

Mar 3rd, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 12:36 pm

Amos prophesied to Israel about eight nations. So far we have studied about his prophecies about Damascus, Gaza, and Tyre. 

This Bible study podcast is a lesson on Amos' prophecy against Edom. The nation of Edom was established by Esau, the twin brother of Jaccob, and the firstborn of the twins. Esau allowed his anger to build uncontrollably and continually. He intentionally pursued the Israelites to harass and harm them in any way, like a lion intentionally hunts and tears into its prey.

Why did Amos prophesy this to Israel? Why do we still need to listen to and consider Amos' prophecy from God against Edom? Is affects us still today.

Join me and many others as we continue our study of the Book of Amos.

You can also read these and other Bible studies on my main website at

Grace and peace,

Gail Suratt Davis

Feb 27th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 11:21 am

Amos prophesies for God to Israel against Tyre, the chief city of Phoenicia. In Amos 1:9-10, God announced His charge and judgment against Tyre. The question is: why did Amos pronounce this prophecy to Israel? Was there more than one purpose for God's prophecy? Does it still have purpose for us today? Join me and others in our study of Amos in this fourth podcast Bible study of Amos.

Thoughts from Another Home Bible Study website

Feb 27th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 10:52 am

Why study an ancient writing? Many ask that question. When we study them, we learn of mistakes made back then and can strive not to make the same mistakes. Amos points this out to Israel so they will learn and return to a right relationship with God. What will it take us to return to Him?

Thoughts from Another Home Bible Study website

Feb 27th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 10:26 am

Amos, an Israelites from the southern kingdom of Judah, was called by God to prophesy to the northern kingdom of Israel. God showed Amos visions of His judgment of eight nations - Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, Moab, Judah, and Israel. Why did Amos prophesy to Israel about the other seven nations? Why was God's judgment upon the other nations important for Israel? Why is His judgment of all eight nations important for us? What can we learn that is relevant for us and how should we change the way we live? Join me in this second Bible study in the book of Amos as we learn of God's judgment on Damascus and why.

Thoughts from Another Home Bible Study website

Feb 27th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 9:42 am

Amos, the book in the Old Testament, is not obsolete. When one does a cursory read of it, one may think that was then, not today. Yet, when you study this small, but very important book of prophecies from God, you realize Amos is very relevant for today. The charges God brought against the eight nations are similar and often just like things people do today. The judgment God brought against those nations are ones we deserve today for doing the same things. 

The times of the day in which prophesied are similar to today - lavish lifestyles, slavery, corruption, usury, et. al. As a loving Father, God, had mercy on these nations and gave grace continually to the people of Israel. Finally, as any loving parent would do, God had to punish His children, the Israelites, to bring them back into a right relationship with Him. Israel did not earn the mercy and grace of God all those years, but He gave it to them. We do not deserve the mercy and grace of God, but He has given it if we will accept it and come into a loving relationship with Him.

Join me and thousands of others around the world who are going through these Bible studies.

Study other parts of the Bible through my Bible study website.

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