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Amos, the Background
Feb 27th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 9:42 am

Amos, the book in the Old Testament, is not obsolete. When one does a cursory read of it, one may think that was then, not today. Yet, when you study this small, but very important book of prophecies from God, you realize Amos is very relevant for today. The charges God brought against the eight nations are similar and often just like things people do today. The judgment God brought against those nations are ones we deserve today for doing the same things. 

The times of the day in which prophesied are similar to today - lavish lifestyles, slavery, corruption, usury, et. al. As a loving Father, God, had mercy on these nations and gave grace continually to the people of Israel. Finally, as any loving parent would do, God had to punish His children, the Israelites, to bring them back into a right relationship with Him. Israel did not earn the mercy and grace of God all those years, but He gave it to them. We do not deserve the mercy and grace of God, but He has given it if we will accept it and come into a loving relationship with Him.

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