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Amos and the Judgment of Moab
Mar 17th, 2017 by gailsurattdavis at 11:05 am

As we continue our study of the book of Amos from the Old Testament, we must move on to his sixth prophecy. This prophecy told of GOd's charge and judgment of Moab, a people descended from Lot.

When considering God's charge and judgment of Lot, we must reflect upon our own lives and see if we are like they were. They disrespected and denigrated people repeatedly throughout their history as a nation.

As you listen to this podcast, questions will be asked at the end of each section to help you examine your life and see if you might have done things similar to Moab. This will allow you to do what God wanted Israel, the hearers of these prophecies to do - repent and return to a right relationship with Him.

Join me and many others as we continue our study of the book of Amos. You can find the written copy of this Bible study and over 300 more at my web site.

Thoughts From Another Home (written Bible studies and devotionals)

Be blessed.

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